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STAC Elite Trainer Level 1, Norway

Screening, assessment, exercise practice and program design.

  • Startar 19 sep.
  • 13 950 svenska kronor
  • Fysica

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Beskrivning av tjänsten

STAC Trainer is both a seperate education but also Level 1 of 5 on STAC Elite Trainer education. In Level 1 you learn to "screen" a person with STAC Assessment tools, look for weaknesses in the physics that needs to adress with right type of exercises. You will also learn functional exercises, adapted to what you need to adress, to accomplish a good result. How to put together a corrective exercise program for an individual. In Level 1 you also learn modern sports physiology and the back ground for the different training phases. AND a lot more! Our cooperation partner in Norway is Halvor Elverhøi and his partners at Fysica in Fredrikstad. Registration Fee is 1395 SEK. You will get an invoice after registration and when the fee is paid you have secured your place at the education. 6% VAT included in the price and the education fee currency is swedish SEK. Registration is binding.

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  • Dikeveien 48, Rolvsøy, Fredrikstad, Norway

    + 0457-462020

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